Customs brokerage and international transit

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Al Ibtikar Cargo, being a member of IFCBA, is one of the global networks of customs brokers. This means that we provide all types of services for export, import, transit customs clearance, regardless of the location of the cargo, in compliance with all norms and rules of customs legislation.

Service Al Ibtikar customsCargo - a tool that affects all the processes of customs clearance of goods. With our information base, which has all the necessary requirements for customs clearance, we operate in more than 124 countries. To all this, we have access to the world database in an online format.

International customs transit is a customs procedure that is used in all countries when transporting foreign goods across their borders.

Al Ibtikar Cargo has a range of services for processing international customs transit operations through the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan and international transport hubs of the countries of the Middle East, the EU, Turkey, China, the Baltic, the Caucasus and the CIS.

We deal with customs clearance of all types of goods: humanitarian, diplomatic, commercial and non-commercial, government and project. Our employees will arrange your cargo in the shortest possible time, pay customs duties and draw up the necessary permit papers. Our seven years of experience in the brokerage industry will never let you down!


  • International network of partners in the customs field
  • Availability of the necessary information on global customs legislation 
  • Permission for the right to carry out customs clearance of goods
  • Professionally trained staff 
  • Free consultation 
  • Comprehensive one-stop service
  • Timely planning and customs clearance - setting prices, deadlines and procedures
  • Affordable price traffic 

Al Ibtikar Cargo Services:

  • Expert analysis of commercial and shipping papers
  • Selection of the TN VED code
  • Classification conclusion based on customer preferences
  • Monitoring the need for non-tariff regulation, organizing the execution of appropriate documentation, veterinary and phytosanitary certificates, exemption letters and other types of necessary documentation
  • Calculation of customs expenses: duties, fees, VAT and excise tax 
  • Registration and submission of customs declarations for cargo 
  • Direct participation in the process of customs inspections, sampling and other forms of control 
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